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What are issues regarding IVF treatment?

As we know every coin has its two sides and every treatment has its pros and cons. Before going for the treatment you must know about risks of IVF treatment. Risk after IVF treatment include:-

  • Chances of miscarriage in natural pregnancy and pregnancy from IVF treatment are same but when a frozen embryo is transferred into uterus then chances of miscarriage are increased.
  • Women undergoing IVF treatment can give multiple births.
  • Approximately 2 to 5 percent of women face ectopic pregnancy in which fertilized egg is not able to survive outside the female body and there is no way to continue a pregnancy.
  • Some researchers show that baby born with IVF treatment will bear early or will not have sufficient body weight.
  • Using aspirating needle to collect eggs can cause bleeding, damage or infection to a bladder, blood vessel or bowel.
  • Use of HCG ( Human Chorionic Gonadotropin ) can cause pain and swell in an ovary.

Develop a Steady Physical Exercise Culture to Boost your Fertility


Women and men engage in their work and forget their fertility rate is affected day by day. It is never like before that there are higher chances of getting pregnant by just mere having sex. Today various factors like lifestyle, habits, and the foods disorganize our hormones and health hence making us vulnerable.

Men and women are overtaken up in achieving in life than starting a family at an early age. The women also, are lazy and rarely do any exercises to boost their fertility. As we are all aware that prevention is better than cure, exercises are recommended in one’s daily activities to stay healthy and combat all health issues. So do these to boost your fertility rate

Running and jogging

Before you head to work or after work in the evening it is better that you run to stretch your body and release stress and chemicals that pose a threat to our tissues, cells, and organs.

Do some Yoga

There is a variety of yoga styles that can effectively boost your fertility like the butterfly pose, cow/ cat pose, Yogini squat, bridge pose, standing forward bend, and legs up the wall. All these poses help in increasing blood flow in the reproductive system, strengthen the pelvic, release tension from the muscles, stretch the groin area, release stress from your body and clear your minds. These exercises can impact a positive change to your reproductive system, and immune system every single day


It is one thing that brings back the peace of the minds and the brains. As you do this, try to get into a different beautiful world or listen to soothing music and through this; your body becomes relaxed and fresh

Swimming and dancing

Swimming is one of the best exercises in the world because it involves the whole body. The hands, feet and the abdomen are at work which makes swimming an effective exercise in engaging the body

Dancing, on the other side is a very good exercise simply because it works on the full body and mainly the hips and the brains. It relaxes, releases one from stress and makes one free. Women are advised to dance more because it improves hormonal balances and increases blood flow in the body

Taking more water

On the other hand, take more water in addition to your exercises. It reduces the chances of kidney problems and painful menstrual periods. Water keeps your body hydrated and increases chemical output through urinating. It is a very good requirement and you should reduce the intake of manufactured soft drinks.

Good diet

A good healthy diet each day will do you better than harm. Always endeavor to eat beans, proteins like whole milk, leafy vegetables each day. Fruits and multivitamins consisting of four hundred micrograms of folic acid will help you reduce the chances of infertility

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How to know eligibility of IVF treatment?


It’s been more than a year and you still are not able to conceive. The cause of not being able to conceive can be many but, most common are due to the lifestyle that makes many couples decide on family planning but, from unguided resources or women having a child later in life. Now such couples can use IVF and have a baby.

IVF is a treatment that helps many infertile couples in conceiving their own baby. The causes that make you eligible for an IVF treatment are:

  • There is a blockage or damage in the fallopian tube of the woman.
  • Male partner has fertility issues like low sperm count or unhealthy sperm.
  • If the woman is suffering from premature ovarian failure, uterine fibroids or has an ovulation disorder.
  • The woman does not have fallopian tube (removed due to any problem)
  • The patient is suffering from the genetic disorder.
  • The cause of infertility is not diagnosable.

There are so many places in India that give you perfect IVF treatment but choose the right IVF centre in India is the really hard job. You should choose the centre by their popularity, their success ratio and also provide low-cost treatment.